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Why you should become a member of Consulting Surveyors SA

  • With the number of Licensed Surveyors registered in South Australia dropping every year, every licensed surveyor must take responsibility to stop this decline.

  • The future of the Licensed Surveyor in South Australia in private practice will depend on the amount of work that is available and the new graduates entering the profession. What are you going to do about this?

  • A healthy and growing profession in private practice does depend on the business receiving returns that ensure that it is up to date with technology, that owners and employees earn a professional income, that graduates can be employed and receive the best possible training. Surveying businesses must also provide career paths for its employees and its owners. You as business owners and employees can be involved to ensure this happens.

  • All Licensed Surveyors in private practice have ideas and suggestions regarding the improvement and sustainability of our profession. This is your opportunity to be part of an organization that will provide a means for those ideas and suggestions to be shared with likeminded Surveyors. Using the strength of a formal organization is an opportunity to bring changes and a successful future.     

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