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On the 27th May 2019, the Surveyors Board’s, Surveying SA subcommittee organised a Forum to discuss the Future of the Licensed Surveying Profession in South Australia.


All registered Licensed Surveyors in SA were invited to attend. 73 licensed Surveyors and graduates registered with 8 apologies. Enthusiastic contributions were made to the general discussions of the evening. 

Key topic that were aired included:

  • Fees charged for Cadastral work

  • Public perception of the work of a Licensed Surveyor

  • More sources of Cadastral work are required

  • Core work for a Licensed Surveyor should be Cadastral work 

  • Competition amongst Licensed Surveyors is frustrating and confusing to the public

  • Land Division competition from outside the profession is challenging the role of the Licensed Surveyor

  • Licensed Surveyors must look to the future


​​Following the Forum, a questionnaire was sent to all attendees. 23 responded to the following questions:

  1. What suggestion would you make toward improving the Community perception of the Licensed Surveyor and the Profession?

  2. Would you support the development of a Fee Structure Schedule (such as the Victoria example) that is supported by the profession when quoting and charging for your services?

  3. Would you support a Business Case Study that would detail a Surveying Practice’s operating costs and income structure?

  4. Would you mentor a surveying student or Registered Surveying Graduate in support of providing succession planning to the profession into the future?

  5. Would you volunteer to work on a sub-committee with the objectives to expand on the above and work towards developing strategies that benefit the Profession’s profile within the community?

  6. Do you feel that Legislative changes to the Survey Act 1992 are required to make provision for the technological challenges facing the profession?


The findings of the Forum were presented to the Surveyors Board of SA.


Steering Committee 


With the support of the Surveyors Board, a group of individuals who had attended the forum met on the 27th August 2019 to form a Steering committee to lay the ground work to create an organisation that would represent the interests of Licensed Surveyors in South Australia who work in private practice. This Steering committee which has been meeting monthly, consists of:

Damien Brogden – Chair

Michael Pohl

Chris Millet

Kevin Petrilli

Martin Leaker

Michael Lock


The Steering committee has worked hard to set up the infrastructure necessary to establish a new organisation. It has set itself the task to:

  • Establish a name

  • Create a Constitution

  • Create a legal identity 

  • Obtain grounding finance to become establish in the form of sponsorship

  • Create a mailing list of potential individual and company members

  • Invite all Licensed Surveyors registered in South Australia and their firms to become members as set out in the Constitution 

First General Meeting


As a result of the work of the Steering committee, the first General Meeting with foundation members was held along with the election of the inaugural Board of Directors of the Consulting Surveyors SA from those members.


The following is a list of subjects that the new Board of Directors will be considering:


These include:

  • Study at depth the Minutes of the meeting of the Future of the Licensed Surveying Profession in South Australia Forum from the 27th May 20. This would also include the comprehensive responses given to the questionnaire completed by attendees after the forum.

  • Consider membership of other organisations for mutual benefit. These could be local or interstate, business or professional.

  • Establish communication with the Surveyor-General, the Surveyors Board of SA and SSSI.

  • Establish communication with other relevant Government and associated bodies who affect the daily activities of the practicing Licensed Surveyor, eg RG, SCAP, LSSA, SAW.

  • Consider regular and relevant CPD activities designed for the Licensed Surveyor working in private practice.

  • Establish the best way to have on going communication with all its members to ensure the relevance of CSSA as well as the ability of every member to have their ideas and concerns considered.

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