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 About Consulting Surveyors SA


The Consulting Surveyors SA is an association that is working and collaborating with Licensed Surveyors in business, hosting informative workshops, webinars and events targeting issues affecting our profession. 


Connecting with educators and trainers, liaising over legislation, marketing our profession to communities, councils and governments. But, most importantly guiding our profession into the future and beyond, capturing and moulding technologies, and changing environments that involve the Cadastre.

Board of Directors

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Damian Brogden


Damian is a director of Sawley Lock O’Callaghan and has been in private practice for 35 years.

He has previously represented surveyors on various surveying and spatial business associations and is currently on the board of the Australian Consulting Surveyors Insurance Society (ACSIS Ltd). He looks forward to continuing this important work with CSSA.


Chris Millett

President & Treasurer

Chris is a director of Fyfe and has been in private practice for 40 years. He has previously represented surveyors on various surveying associations and is currently treasurer for CSSA. He is keen to assist the survey industry in South Australia.


Michael Pohl

Event and Programme Coordinator

Michael has been a Licensed Surveyor since 1983 and a Director of all Survey firms with the name Steed since that time. He has been part of the group that created the Consulting Surveyors SA and is working to ensure that this organisation is relevant and provides a rewarding and prosperous  future for all Licensed Surveyors working in private practice.


Kevin Petrilli

Event and Programme Coordinator

Kevin is Sole Trader practising as kpSurveys. Focussing on Land Division, Boundary Identification and engineering surveys. In CSSA, assisting in Event coordination and Programme Development.


Michael Lock

Web Site Coordinator

Michael is Sole Trader practising as Lock Surveys and has been a Licensed Surveyor since 1986. He has previously been involved with surveying business associations and is keen to make the CSSA website informative to both the public and its members.


Kane Ryan

Graduates & Students

With 20 years of surveying industry experience, Kane has lead teams in various surveying companies. Currently practicing at Pyper Leaker Surveying Services as a Licensed Surveyor, Kane strives to grow the business with the help and guidance of colleagues. Within CSSA, Kane is bringing a different perspective to industry challenges and hopes to develop the next generation of surveyors through support and mentoring.

Marie Cunningham

Admin Support

Marie was engaged in April 2021 to provide secretarial support. She has years of experience supporting many business associations.


Consulting Surveyors National


Surveyors Board of SA



Code of Ethics

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